Ahmet Bilgin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of “AB Consulting & Development” Ahmet Bilgin is a graduate of Westminster College of London, England and has a HCIAM in Business Development.


Kudret Pektaş

Mr. Pektas has intensive Financial Experience in Hospitality Business; he is one of the Financial Comptroller having multi-brand experience for all levels and sub-departments of the Finance division.


Selçuk Kazan

Project Coordinator of “AB Consulting & Development” Selçuk Kazan was born in Stuttgart / Germany in 1979 and carried out his educations and business life. Mr. Kazan graduated with master diploma (...)


Timuçin Diş

Mr. Dis has “Business Administration” education from Istanbul University, Hotelier more than 20 years. Some of projects he managed & projected for all “Technology Systems” and “Human (...)


Oktay Bilgin

Mr. Bilgin is a Mechanical Engineer having more than 30 years’ experience,He is graduated from Istanbul Technical (...)


Beyhan Zagnos

Beyhan Zağnos Önder was graduated from Hacettepe University as an interior architecture major in 1990.


Ali Öger

He graduated from Selçuk University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering.


Bülent Tüysüz

Bülent Tüysüz graduated from Marmara Üniversity, has an experience more than 20 years, in Hotel & SPA business.


Savaş Uzunsakal

Savaş Uzunsakal has more than 18 years of experience in the fields of Financial Affairs / Internal Audit / Independent Audit (...)


Burak Ogün Işıldar

Mr. Isildar is an Electrical Engineer, Msc. He is graduated from Istanbul Yıldız University, below listed some of projects (...)


Şenay Erdoğan

Şenay Erdoğan has strong Experience in Rooms Divisions of International Brands… She has an experience in (...)


Mehmet Cıva

Mehmet Cıva is a hotelier Director of Culinary with 28 years experience for international Cuisines.


Doğan Çengel

Doğan Çengel has 22 years of experience in various sectors including hotel management, pharmaceutical, (...)